Monday, 4 June 2012


This is not just any FuckingAmazingPhotograph that i have taken, concocted a pretentious title for and slapped up on the web.
Therefore i feel it merits a proper introduction.
This is a project that i have worked on for over a year now and it highlights how the smartphone has changed how we act and communicate.
Pual is a classic example of the modern smartphone user and like most users he will do anything to answer a text, email or BBM and will do so in any situation wether he is watching TV, in the pub or even in mid conversation.
I have taken it upon myself to photograph Pual every time he picks up his blackberry, unfortunately this would be a full time job and as i already have one of them i have had to settle for every time i SEE him pick up the blackberry but i am sure it happens more often.
Anyway, here it is

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